People Are Making NPR Jokes After A Photo Of Trump Sitting At A Tiny Desk Goes Viral

NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series have been a staple over the last few years. They’ve invited big-name musicians and undiscovered artists alike to join them in their studio (or from home in recent months) to perform stripped-down versions of their music. So when a photo of Trump sitting at an abnormally small desk circulated Friday, people knew the right joke to make.

Trump gave a Thanksgiving day press conference on Thursday and for some reason, he was seated behind a very tiny desk. After the photo went viral, people flocked to Twitter to make the same NPR Tiny Desk concert jab. “Does he even play an instrument?” one user quipped.

NPR eventually caught wind of the jokes. Posting the same photo to their Instagram page, they wrote: “Made me laugh to see #tinydesk trending on twitter because of this photograph. So what tune might be be singing ?”

Of course, that wasn’t the only joke being made after Trump’s press conference. Trump finally agreed that he’d leave the White House peacefully if the electoral college confirms Biden, but not before complaining about Twitter censoring his tweets. His statements, coupled with the fact he was sitting at a child-size piece of furniture, led many to begin using the hashtags #DiaperDon and #TrumpTantrum to describe the event.

Check out people’s reactions to Trump’s photo above.