Tyler, The Creator Made A 30-Second Appearance During Kali Uchis’ Coachella Performance

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Coachella is already proving itself to be a weekend full of surprise appearances, cameos, and onstage reunions. So it should come as no surprise then to anyone that Tyler The Creator and Kali Uchis pulled off an unannounced song together during Kali’s set. The funny thing about this particular feature is that it only lasted about thirty seconds, then Tyler was gone.

Tyler and Kali have technically been working together as far back as 2015 when Tyler produced a few tracks on Kali’s EP Por Vida. Since then the two have worked together pretty consistently with Kali doing guest vocals on a few tracks from Tyler’s album Cherry Bomb and then teaming up again on “After The Storm” from Kali’s debut album.

In fact, even doing live shows is old hat for the two of them as they have both appeared as featured guests on each other’s sets on The Tonight Show. Since they were both booked for Coachella this year it was basically a no-brainer that they would inevitably collide, but I don’t think anyone thought it would only be for thirty seconds worth of one song.