Tyler The Creator Celebrated ASAP Rocky’s Release By Chasing Him Around The Studio

Tyler The Creator world-renowned for his mischief-making but sometimes, he has a good reason for his teasing and trolling. In the case of his recent Instagram Live stream, it turned out he has the best reason for his exuberance: His friend and collaborator ASAP Rocky is back in the States after being locked up for weeks in Sweden. Tyler, ever the prankster, took the opportunity to chase Rocky around the studio while Rocky ducked and dodged whatever Tyler’s delinquent plans entailed. Tyler concludes the video by informing viewers that ASAP Rocky “is a large,” which seems to be an inside joke between the two.

The “Potato Salad” partners have plenty of reason to celebrate. Tyler was one of Rocky’s staunchest supporters during his Swedish ordeal, promising a boycott of the country and shouted him out in a viral freestyle, rhyming that he’d trade places with his incarcerated friend in a heartbeat. Rocky was arrested and detained in Sweden after a brawl in Stockholm which resulted from a confrontation with a pair of hostile men over a pair of headphones. While the Swedish authorities allowed Rocky to leave the country while the court deliberates on a verdict, he is expected to return next week to find out what it is — and potentially begin a six-month jail stay.