Tyler The Creator Agrees With Fans That Instagram’s New Update Is The Worst

Change is usually a good thing — except when it comes to the layout of apps we’ve all become accustomed to. That’s why many Instagram users weren’t happy when the platform’s creators completely switched around the app. Tyler The Creator was particularly confused about the update and took to his Instagram Stories to critique the app’s decision.

Users who have logged onto Instagram recently surely noticed the change. The app moved the post and notification buttons from the bottom panel to the top right corner next to the messages section. The platform’s bottom panel now hosts a search feature, a Reels feature, and a shopping button, a decision that was likely made to encourage users to spend money on the app.

Tyler The Creator notices the changes and agreed with a number of users who were frustrated about the updates. “this update stupid why the f*ck would you put that corny reels sh*t right there,” he wrote tagging Instagram. “and a shop from insta? like brooo i get it get cho money baby but give us the option to retain a layout thats just for photos n friends sheesh.”

Tyler wasn’t the only one who voiced their opinion about Instagram’s update. Many others flooded social media with their reactions and opinions about the change.

See Tyler’s reaction to Instagram’s homepage update above.