Scott Aukerman And Adam Scott Finally Talked U2 With U2

For more than a year, Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman and Parks and Recreation‘s Adam Scott have been talkin’ U2, but U2 hasn’t been talkin’ back. That changed in the new episode of their wonderful U Talkin’ U2 to Me? podcast, because Scott and Scott finally got to interview Bonobos, Thedge, Adam Clay Two-Thousand Pounds, and Larry Mullen, Sr.’s son.

It’s not a measly 10-minute chat, like Marc Maron’s with Mick Jagger, either. The lovable lads from Liverpool answered their questions about a new album, Bonobos’ injury, and where the f*cking t-shirts are for more than an hour. The only thing the Scotts love more than talkin’ U2?

Talkin’ to U2. Also, films, like The Godfather

(Via Earwolf)