Usher’s Uber-Dramatic Met Gala Look Inspired Comparisons To Darkwing Duck, The Phantom Of The Opera, And More

In recent years, the Disney cartoon Darkwing Duck has been the subject of much nostalgia, especially surrounding its admittedly jammin’ theme song. Well, fans might be looking for a remix from none other than R&B superstar Usher after his uber-dramatic Met Gala 2024 ensemble inspired comparisons to the titular character, along with a plethora of other similarly-garbed characters from across popular culture. Here’s a look at the Alexander McQueen fit, with featured Drake Mallard’s signature broad-brimmed hat and an actual cloak.

Among the comparisons Usher received were also the Phantom Of The Opera:

Tuxedo Mask from the anime Sailor Moon:

And pulp comics hero The Shadow (and the ’90s film quasi-ripoff, Darkman).

Earlier this year, Usher donned some similarly striking looks as he took the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, somehow finding the time in the 15-minute set for multiple wardrobe changes, custom Air Jordan 4s, and some innocent canoodling with guest star Alicia Keys, who joined him onstage to sing their 2004 collaboration, “My Boo.”

Meanwhile, Usher wasn’t the only star to turn heads with his ensemble. Doja Cat put a whole new spin on the term “wet look” (topping her feline transformation from last year’s gala).