Wale Fires Back At J. Cole With ‘Groundhog Day’

Kanye West is a bit too busy right now to reply to J. Cole’s scathing “False Prophets” diss, but Wale sure as hell isn’t. The DC MMG rapper just dropped off “Groundhog Day” in response to Jermaine’s entire “Prophets” verse about a friend “so bitter he can’t see his own blessings.” Names weren’t mentioned on Cole’s track, but who’s always on arguing on social media with his haters and is always complaining about critics? Exactly.

Wale wastes no time letting everyone know “Groundhog” is a response record. Before going into his one-verse response, the new dad admits he has been a pain in the ass since getting signed, but is by no means what Cole says he is. “I know since I got my deal, sh*t got real, and I haven’t been the easiest n*gga to deal with. I’m heavily flawed, but far from a false prophet, I’m a muhf*ckin honorable Folarin, Cassius, Mohammad, McGregor Connor this rap artist.”

Part of Wale’s “diss” is about himself, revealing a battle against anxiety and an addiction to Percocet. “Purchase like 30 of them [and] murder them in like 30 hours.” The 32-year-old rapper opens up about the suicidal thoughts he fought after getting dropped from Interscope following Attention Deficit massive flop and watching Cole blow while his career remained stagnant.

“Groundhog Day” isn’t your typical diss record. It’s more so Wale breaking down the battles he fought to be a successful rapper and why it may seem a bit “difficult” at times. At the end of the record, Wale squashes all pending talks of beef by saying he loves his “brother,” Jermaine. Adding, “That’s why it’s rest in peace to Tommy, we still bumping Cole.”