What Is Spotify’s Time Machine Feature?

Spotify is putting its users’ increased subscription fees to good use.

Over the last few years, the streaming giant has rolled out several new features and updated many existing components. From Daylist, AI playlisting, Duo, and Jams to its TikTok integration, the addition of music videos, and its audiobook-only plan, Spotify has something for every music lover—everything except increasing its payout to artists to a reasonable wage (well, until Congress intervenes).

Even with these fun add-ons, one of the most popular offerings is Spotify Wrapped. The user data-specific feature allows individuals to reflect on their yearly musical consumption. According to reports, Spotify is working on allowing users access to that data on a micro level through its rumored Time Machine feature.

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What Is Spotify’s Time Machine Feature?

For clarity, Spotify hasn’t announced a “Time Machine” feature. However, on March 23, Pop Base took to their official X (formerly Twitter) and Threads accounts to fan the flames of the rumor.

The aggregator wrote: “Spotify is reportedly introducing a ‘time machine’ feature that will show users monthly statistics on their most streamed artists, songs, albums, and minutes.”


Again, Spotify hasn’t released any information regarding the alleged new feature or confirmed that something of the sort is even in the works.