Will Offset And Migos Get Back Together?

Last Friday, Migos members Quavo and Takeoff dropped a new album, Only Built For Infinity Links, sans the third member of their group, Offset. In the months leading up to the album’s release, fans couldn’t help but speculate about whether or not his absence from their promotion meant the group had permanently fractured. In addition, Offset himself began teasing his own solo album separate from his fellow Migos, further stoking concerns that the group is done as a trio.

Comments made by Quavo and Takeoff during a recent interview added fuel to those rumors. Appearing in a podcast, Quavo said, “I just feel like we want to see our career as a duo because we just came from a loyal family… Sometimes, when sh*t don’t work out, it ain’t meant to be.” In another interview, this time with Rolling Stone, they did, however, leave the possibility of a reunion open, comparing Migos to Wu-Tang Clan and their duo project to similar offerings from Wu-Tang’s individual members (the album’s title is a homage to Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx).

“It made sense because Wu-Tang was a group and then them boys did a duo track,” Quavo explained. He also said, ” I feel like the group is going to always be the group Migos and then Quavo and Takeoff’s going to be Quavo and Takeoff.”

So, while they haven’t exactly stated plans to get the band back together, don’t count out Migos entirely.