Woody Guthrie Wrote Scathing Poems About Donald Trump’s Dad

01.21.16 2 years ago
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas

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Woody Guthrie was such a powerful songwriter that people still talk about him even though he’s a folk musician who’s been dead for almost 50 years. He was known, first and foremost, for his overt politicism, and in particular for his progressive/liberal leanings. He attacked many an institution, and person, with his writings, and one of those people had a very prominent name: Trump.

Now, Guthrie was not writing about Home Alone 2 star Donald Trump, but instead his father Fred Trump. Like his son, ol’ Freddie made his bones in the real estate business. And, like, his son, Fred Trump was a total douchebag. In 1950, Guthrie moved into a housing project owned by Fred called Beach Haven, which, it turned out, was segregated, and did not allow black people to have residence there.

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