The Ye Clones Reappeared In LA, Possibly For A Music Video

The infamous Kanye West — aka Ye — doubles that took over New York to promote the deluxe release of the rapper’s new album Donda reappeared recently, this time taking over LA venue Soho Warehouse as captured by a bystander who caught them on camera. In the video below, you can see dozens of Kanyes, dressed once again in the unusual mask he wore while promoting the original Donda in New York earlier this year, mostly just milling about with massive headphones on and gathering around what appears to be a parking or concession booth in the lot outside.

The person filming is apparently unnerved by the sight and posits that there is a music video shoot happening nearby. It wouldn’t be all that unusual for Ye to shoot a guerilla-style music video in LA, or for that music video to prominently feature copies of the principal artist (Eminem famously utilized dozens of lookalikes in the video and performances for his 2000 single “The Real Slim Shady”). It’s clearly unsettling for those encountering the clones without warning, but since Kanye’s whole schtick these days seems to be trying to unsettle people, it’s right in line with what we’ve seen from him over the past few months.