YFN Lucci Unintentionally Fired A Gun During A Recent Music Video Shoot

After mostly staying quiet since the release earlier this year of his latest project, HIStory, Lost Pages, YFN Lucci is now back in the news after a calamitous event on a recent music video shoot. According to TMZ, Lucci was present during a shoot for an unknown song — it’s still not known if it was one of his — when he was handed a firearm as part of the video. The Atlanta-born rapper was apparently unaware that the firearm was loaded with real bullets, rather than blanks, which was unfortunate as he accidentally fired off a live round.

Fortunately, no one on set was injured, but the gunshot left a hole in the studio floor. DJ Skeme later shared footage of the incident with Lucci on Twitter, with the caption, “Somebody teach ya boy Lucci some gun safety.”

This is not the first time YFN Lucci has dealt with a firearm issue on the set of a music video. Back in May 2019, a teenager was reportedly injured after 21 gunshots were fired on at the set. The kid’s thumb was grazed but it remains unknown if he was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

YFN Lucci is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.