A Trump Supporter Got Arrested For Sucker-Punching Someone Playing YG’s ‘FDT’

Political tensions are always high during an election year, but they are especially so after an extremely stressful year involving a pandemic, months of civil unrest, and a political leader prodding his base with conspiracy theories and dog-whistle calls for violence against anyone who disagrees with him. Those calls are apparently being answered as well, as a recent event over the weekend showed when a Donald Trump supporter was arrested after sucker-punching another man for loudly playing Compton rapper YG’s “FDT” outside a Buc-ee’s in Denton, Texas.

TMZ got a hold of a video of the incident, during which the Trump fan, Jason Lata, yelling at the YG fan to “turn it off” before suddenly decking the other man. The man who was punched visited a hospital, but told TMZ he was “fine.” Meanwhile, Lata was arrested for assault causing bodily injury on Saturday night, with bail set at $15,000.

Incidentally, Trump opponents have been working to abolish cash bail so there’s another layer of irony on top of this bizarre incident. Meanwhile, YG’s 2016 hit featuring Nipsey Hussle continues to be a lightning rod for controversy and viral incidents. YG pointed out in 2017 that he was one of the first artists to publicly speak out against the former game show host and even once kicked multiple fans offstage for not singing along. Meanwhile, conservative pundits tried to criticize the song shortly after Nipsey Hussle’s death, confusing the two rappers for each other. Meanwhile, YG has since moved on from calling out Trump to calling out the police with “FTP.”

Watch the video of the YG-fueled fight here.

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