YG Invited Stormy Daniels On Stage To Shout ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ At Camp Flog Gnaw

Ever since the release of “FDT” in 2016, shouting “f*ck Donald Trump” has become a staple of YG’s concerts. Although not everybody at YG’s shows is a willing participant, he found perhaps the most appropriate person to join him in disparaging the president this last weekend: Stormy Daniels. Of course, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to directing $130,000 to Daniels to prevent her from speaking to the media about an intimate encounter she once had with Trump.

YG brought Daniels on stage at Camp Flog Gnaw this weekend, and when he asked Daniels to say “f*ck Donald Trump,” she said, “My name is Stormy F*cking Daniels, and I am the reason that Donald Trump is f*cked.”

YG feigned shock and exclaimed, “Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait: You Stormy Daniels? You the one that f*cked Donald Trump?” She responded, “I wouldn’t really call it f*cking.” YG then said, “No you really f*cked Donald Trump, though,” to which Daniels answered, “No, I just laid there.” YG then gave Daniels a hug, and she stuck around for a bit to perform “FDT” with YG.


It was an eventful weekend at Camp Flog Gnaw: Drake was the surprise headliner, but he was showered in boos by fans who were hoping that it would be Frank Ocean instead.

Watch a video of Daniels joining YG above.