YG Showcases His ‘Swag’ On A Braggadocios New Single

Aiming for another quick turnaround following his fourth album, 4Real 4 Real, YG has been hard at work on his upcoming fifth album which he has already revealed to be titled Laugh Now Kry Later!. In addition to its title track, YG has also shared two other singles, “Konclusions” with Kehlani, which served as an ode to love, and “FTP,” an unfiltered protest towards police brutality. While there is no word on when exactly YG’s fifth album will touch down, the Compton rapper returns with another single to ease the wait.

Confident as always, YG returns with his braggadocios demeanor for his latest single, “Swag.” Dressed in all black for the majority of the video, the bouncy track finds him confidently dancing beside a few ladies and a black Maybach with a red-painted hood. As the video continues, he continues the fun alongside some friends and a few kids while flaunting some 4Hunnid merch.

Hours before the song’s arrival, YG faced large criticism on Twitter due to the song’s artwork. On the cover, YG, dawning a replica red, white, and gold Colin Kaepernick No. 7 49ers jersey, is depicted alongside two cheerleaders who are also dressed the 49ers team colors. On the cover, the trio are depicted kneeling as a way to interestingly show support for the former quarterback who infamously kneeled during the national anthem during the 2016 NFL season. In many of the reactions, fans compared the initial cover of Pop Smoke’s Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon album, which was designed by Virgil Abloh.

Listen to “Swag” in the video above.