Young Dolph Was Robbed Of Almost $500K In Jewelry At Cracker Barrel, Of All Places

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Young Dolph might really have the worst luck of any rapper alive. Not only was the Memphis rapper shot at twice in 2017, now he has a half-million dollars of reasons to avoid Cracker Barrel for the foreseeable future. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV in Atlanta report that thieves broke into his custom car while he was eating lunch at the chain restaurant in Fairburn and stole a long list of property, including chains, designer sunglasses, designer watches, and a bunch of electronics for a total value of just under $500,000.

Dolph told police that it would cost around $700 to replace the window of his camouflaged 2018 Mercedes-Benz G63 and that the culprits made off with two chains that cost $27,000 and $57,000, a Richard Mille watch valued at approximately $230,000, a Patek Philippe watch valued at approximately $85,000, two pairs of Cartier sunglasses valued at $24,000 and $700, a Pirelli backoack valued at approximately $300, his Macbook, iPad, and Airpods, and a Glock.

However bad it seems, it looks like his luck might be improving. In 2017, not only was he shot at 100 times in his bulletproof car, he was later shot in the leg while shopping in LA. He recovered from that incident just fine, so at least this time there weren’t any guns involved — other than the one the thieves took from his car.

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