Young Dolph Admits That He Can’t Commit To Retirement: ‘I Can’t Let Those Folks Down’

In the last year, Young Dolph has shared two projects with fans, those being his 2020 solo effort, Rich Slave, and this year’s Dum And Dummer 2 with fellow Memphis rapper Key Glock. While both were well-received efforts, they also came before attempts from Dolph to walk away from the rap game. The first instance came last summer, less than a month before the release of Rich Slave when the rapper expressed his desire to spend more time with his family as a reason for quitting rap. While he returned months later for Dum And Dummer 2, Dolph doubled down on retirement just days after releasing the project. That announcement was also short-lived, and Dolph explained why in a recent interview.

“I can’t do it, real talk. I can’t do,” he admitted during a sit down on DJ Scream’s and Big Bank’s “Big Facts” podcast when he was asked about retiring. “It’s like I’m the spokesperson for all of the street n****s and all of the n****s that’s on some independent sh*t … And really come in the game on some sh*t… The n**** that really want to do this sh*t, like, I don’t really wanna tie myself to no major label—do this sh*t on my own. I’ma hustle this sh*t. I’ma grab that.”

He added, “It’s just like with everything else. You got some n**** who don’t really want to take the route that everybody else take… The n**** that be like I’ma do this sh*t like my way. I can’t let those folks down. It’s like I’m they motivator. They be needing that sh*t.”

You can watch the entire podcast episode with Young Dolph in the video above.