Young MA’s Funk Flex Freestyle Has Fans Buzzing With Anticipation For Her Debut Album

Brooklyn rapper Young MA stopped by Funkmaster Flex’s radio show drop a freestyle and the results have turned Rap Twitter upside down with reactions to her wordplay-riddled verse and hot takes about her place in the hip-hop landscape. Her freestyles have been known to shake the table and the latest is no exception, prompting a fresh wave of anticipation for a full-length followup to her HERstory EP — which is coming around the corner with a projected release date of September 27.

“Brooklyn’s here, you know what it is,” Flex says in his typically boisterous introduction. “This is what New York City sounds like.” He takes a second to promote a “five-man cipher” he’s putting together, offering $1,000 for each of the participants and directing hopefuls to his social pages for the link to enter, then it’s off to the races. Young MA launches into her laid-back lyrical voice as DJ Juanito spins up Casanova and Fabolous’ new viral single “So Brooklyn.”

MA proves to be a perfect fit for the ominous tones, boasting right off the bat that she’s “the queen of Brooklyn, n—a, let’s get it / That’s ‘kween’ with a ‘K’ ’cause I’m a king, too / That’s Kings County, I’ma show you what this queen do.” Her double entendres elicit several outbursts from her hosts, especially when she name-checks him and fellow New York radio mainstay DJ Envy with a whopper of a bar, rhyming: “Can’t flex in my city, n—-s’ll envy that / N—-s hungry, they’ll kill you for a fifty pack.”

The verse is sparking similar reactions on social media as fans rush to praise Young MA’s flow and wordplay, speculate why she has yet to really achieve the mainstream success promised on her breakout hit “OOOUUU,” and most frustratingly, compare her to current titans of rap radio such Cardi B, Megan The Stallion, and Nicki Minaj. It seems rap fans can’t help but try to rank “female emcees” as separate from their male counterparts, but Young MA is proving she’s in a class of her own. Check out more reactions below.

Herstory In The Making, Young MA’s first full-length release is due September 27 via M.A Music and 3D.