Kodak Black Caught Backlash For Homophobic Comments About Young MA

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Throughout his career, Kodak Black has been a magnet for the sort of negative attention that keeps managers and PR reps up at night. Last January, the rapper was arrested for Grand Theft and Child Neglect and for much of the last year, the 21-year-old has been dealing with an ongoing sexual assault case. The latest Kodak-related media flare-up centers around a song he released in late February. “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy” is, not unlike many Kodak songs, about his street credentials, the money he’s made, and the sea of adversaries plotting against him. However, the part of the song that has become a source of controversy has nothing to do with anything of those things. It instead stems from what many see as homophobic remarks about the rapper Young M.A, whom Kodak makes repeated reference to throughout the song.

“I be pullin’ out straps on these f**k n****s / I go Young M.A on these dumb b*****s / Like a dyke man, you n****s can’t f**k with me,” he raps on the song’s chorus. “I’m f**kin’ Young M.A, long as she got a coochie / Say she got the strap and the toolie, say she put the crack in her booty,” he continues in the track’s final verse. As one could expect, lyrics caught the attention of many online and caused a stir. Some took exception to Kodak’s use of “dyke” a derogatory term historically deployed as a slur to refer to gay women. Many others, found his assertion that he would have sex with MA as “long as she got a coochie” homophobic and disturbing, considering the rapper’s alleged past misdeeds.

On Sunday night, Young MA finally addressed Kodak’s remarks. The rapper seemed to dismiss the situation during an Instagram Live session. “Y’all keep talking about this Kodak situation. Y’all n****s is weird, bro,” she told her viewers. “Come on, obviously the n***a is weird, bro. Obviously, he on some s**t, bro.”

On Monday, apparently having heard about Young MA’s comments, Kodak addressed the situation himself. “Yo, y’all stop making Young M.A mad. That’s my dog!” he said in an Instagram Live session of his own. “Don’t do that, baby. We gon’ catch up. I just wanna be the homie. I just wanna be the forever homie in the cut, vibing.” Later in the session, however, Kodak seemed to dismiss the notion that his lyrics were out of line and doubled-down on the homophobic rhetoric. “I’m talking about, how you a girl but don’t want your p***y penetrated? How? Don’t be mad at me, ’cause I want you, baby. Don’t be mad at me!” the rapper said.