Young Thug Is ‘The Best, Quietest Neighbor,’ According To An Atlanta Councilman

Young Thug has been celebrated for a number of things over his career, but one description fans may never have expected him to be called is “the best, quietest neighbor.” This is what Atlanta councilman Howard Shook labeled the rapper after a mansion Thug once owned was taken over by new owners who rented it out to people so rowdy they couldn’t help but make him look good.

Since Thug’s departure from the mansion two years ago, the building has become an Airbnb hotspot for house parties. Located in Ridgedale Park, the mansion tallied 34 noise complaints and 55 other police calls between January 21 and August 21, according to Atlanta Police Department records. It was also responsible for hosting “the biggest topless pool party ever,” an event that found its way to TMZ.

Such incidents drove Shook to take action, filing legislation that would ban the short-term rental of single-family homes. “Ironically, the best, quietest neighbor we had was a rapper. That was Young Thug,” Shook told Atlanta’s Reporter Newspaper. “And God, if I had known he was gonna be the best owner we ever had, I’d have taken him a Bundt cake.”

It’s a cherry on top of a good year for Young Thug, who has lent his voice to a number of tracks, including Amine’s “Compensating,” DaBaby’s “Blind“, and Gunna’s “Dollaz On My Head.”

(via Reporter Newspaper)