Young Thug Retitled A Track On ‘Jeffrey’ To Pay Homage To Kanye West

Young Thug changed the title of one of the tracks on his excellent new album No, My Name Is Jeffery to pay homage (or K’s vomit) to Kanye West.

Thug stated that he named all of the songs on Jeffery after his idols, including Gucci Mane and Harambe. While whoever “Pop Man” is must feel pretty salty about the move, the Atlanta rapper decided to change the name of that standout collaboration with Wyclef Jean (not to be confused with the song “Wyclef Jean” from the same album) to honor Yeezy.

It’s not the first time that Thug has felt the need to change that track’s title. The song made its debut as “Elton John” — a clear tribute to one of the rapper’s most high-profile fans — before becoming “Wet Wet,” “Pop Man” and eventually “Kanye West.”

In a way, this is the most appropriate sort of tribute that Thugger could have given Kanye. We all know how much ‘Ye likes to tinker with his own albums, regardless of whether or not they’ve already been dropped. Check out the updated track listing up top, along with that stunning photo that led Erykah Badu to compare the rapper to Andre 3000.

(Via Pigeons & Planes)