Yowler’s ‘Where Is My Light?’ Is A Fuzzed-Out, Crushing Meditation On Isolation

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After stumbling upon her dark, angst-ridden debut as Yowler, The Offer, back in 2015, I count myself among a group of cult fans who have been eagerly waiting for Maryn Jones to release a follow up to that first record. Luckily for us, and now, potentially you, that second album is coming later this fall. Black Dog In My Path will be released on October 12 via the stalwart east coast DIY label, Double Double Whammy, who first gave us Frankie Cosmos, Florist, LVL Up, and many more.

As Jones is affiliated with a couple other indie groups, the folkie collective Saintseneca and alt-pop outfit All Dogs, it’s no wonder it took her about three years to get another Yowler project completed. Today she’s shared one of the heaviest tracks off the album, “Where Is My Light?” which she told The Fader is mostly about the crushing force of isolation.

“[It’s about] feeling isolated after a big & unexpected life transition,” Jones wrote in an email to the magazine. “During this time I had a lot of time to think about what was important to me, what served me and made me experience real joy, and what did not. It’s about being an artist under capitalism and all the mess that that can cause in your brain. It’s about missing the natural world and all the beauty you see when you’re on the road, and hating your stupid fucking phone.”

Listen to “Where Is My Light?” above and look for Black Dog In My Path out 10/12 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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