This Intense Footage Of The Alabama Prison Riot Looks Like A Movie

News Editor
03.13.16 6 Comments

A Saturday riot at Alabama’s William C. Holman Correctional Facility left two officers stabbed when over 100 prisoners tried to take control. The prison remains on lockdown after the ruckus, which saw inmates lighting fires and wielding objects that resembled sabres in a graphic video we’ll show below. None of the injuries to officers (including Warden Carter Davenport) are life-threatening, but that’s not for lack of trying. One stabbing took place as an officer tried to keep one inmate from beating another.

The incident took place at the only Alabama prison to carry out executions. The Saturday violence took place far away from death row, but that doesn’t lessen its terrifying nature. Governor Robert Bentley delivered a statement about the rioting, and he places much blame upon overcrowded conditions:

“A volatile mix of overcrowding and understaffing have created an environment that is dangerous to both inmates as well as the corrections officers who serve our state. Our state must take the necessary steps to address and solve this problem immediately. We must reduce overcrowding and provide facilities that are safer and more secure for both inmates and corrections officers.”

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