Trump Reportedly ‘Loved’ Anthony Scaramucci’s Expletive-Filled Quotes But Doesn’t Like Being Upstaged

07.28.17 2 years ago 8 Comments

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Between the lies about his athletic prowess and attacks on the establishment Republicans in the administration, Anthony Scaramucci has taken to his new job as President Trump’s chief spokesman with great enthusiasm. Thursday, The Mooch was interviewed at length and said with a straight face that he wasn’t looking for attention from the media, despite having repeatedly made news already with his behavior and media relations being his job. And he specifically called out White House strategist and former media executive Steve Bannon.

Naturally, according to Axios, President Trump loves it and does not care that his White House is at war with itself, but he doesn’t like that everyone’s talking about Scaramucci’s outrageous behavior and not him. In June, President Trump “joked” that Jared Kushner and James Comey were becoming “more famous” than him, so it’s not surprising that President is bothered by someone else getting the spotlight:

The President likes people with backbone. And at the moment, Scaramucci is empowered: We’re told the President loved the Mooch quotes. But President Trump doesn’t like being upstaged. “Mini-me” can’t forget the “Mini” part. Being more Trump than Trump, in Trump’s house, is a dangerous game.

Elsewhere in the Axios report, Republicans are apparently close to rejoining reality, saying that situation in the White House is getting worse and worse and they are losing faith in the idea that President Trump would grow into the role.

They must be tired of winning so much.

(Via Axios)

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