An Alleged ‘Apprentice’ Transcript Shows Trump Harshly Criticizing A Woman’s Skin In An Unaired Segment

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10.10.16 4 Comments

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After leaked hot mic footage of Donald Trump’s 2005 lewd commentary surfaced last Friday, the race has been on to uncover similar treasure troves. All of this is ongoing while Republicans distance themselves from their enormously troubling candidate. And while old Howard Stern tapes are plenty revolving, people aren’t too surprised to hear this stuff in close proximity to a shock jock. Next to Billy Bush? That was somewhat more unexpected (though not much), and Bush appears to be paying the price with a Today suspension.

The hunt continues, including a crowdfunding effort that’s trying to woo Mark Cuban, and now the Huffington Post has acquired an old transcript — which they claim to have authenticated — of Trump talking smack during unaired moments of a 2005 episode of The Apprentice. Naturally, his remarks are derogatory against women. He calls himself a “skin man” and says awful things about musician Emily West’s looks:

During the boardroom session that decided which team did the better job transforming its artist, Trump turned the conversation sharply — and at times, uncomfortably — to West’s physical appearance, specifically her skin.

“I assume you’re gonna leave this off, don’t put this sh*t on the show, you know. But her skin, her skin sucks, okay?” he says, according to the transcript. “I mean her skin, she needs some serious f*ckin’ dermatology.”

If this transcript is legit, the results aren’t as mind-blowing as Trump’s Access Hollywood talk about making unwanted sexual advances on women. However, seeing a man with a notoriously bad spray tan criticize someone else’s skin, well, that’s a bit rich. Trump also refers to country singer Luke Bryan (then a contestant) as better looking than West while adding, “I am, as you probably heard, not a gay man,” but that he’s a good judge of looks. He also informs guest judge Trace Adkins, “You’re obviously not a skin man” before adding, “I wish I wasn’t.”

Apparently, being a skin man is a difficult cross to bear, and HuffPo spoke with Cyndi Lauper, who appeared on the show as a West manager and added that West’s makeup was purposely dry, so Trump’s remarks were not only appalling but inaccurate. Lauper also weighs in on the Sunday night presidential debate where Trump was “walking behind [Clinton] like he’s a thug.” Let’s just say Lauper isn’t a Trump fan.

“Of all people to talk about people’s skin!” Lauper exclaimed. “What the hell is going on with his?” Fair question.

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