Armed Protesters Gathered Outside A Mosque In Irving, Texas

11.22.15 3 years ago 17 Comments

A normally peaceful scene outside a mosque in Irving, Texas, turned strange on Saturday. Irving recently made headlines as the home of “clock kid” Ahmed Mohmed, who — after quite the ordeal involving his homemade time piece — announced that his family is moving to Qatar after he accepted a full scholarship there. Now more drama has arrived in Irving.

Fox 4 news reporter Zahid Arab tweeted the above video of (at least a dozen) protesters marching with guns and holding slogan and Ted Cruz campaign signs. One chunk of protesters spoke to Arab to reveal how they call themselves the “Anti-CAIR” (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Zahid also posted a number of other photos of the day’s events. Mainly, the protest involved a group brandishing guns and American flags, but the organizer spoke with Dallas Morning News to articulate the group’s full intent:

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