The Man Detained For A Trump Rally ‘Assassination Attempt’ Had No Gun, Credits Police With Saving His Life

News Editor
11.06.16 27 Comments

Saturday night saw a confusing situation at a Nevada rally when Donald Trump was hustled offstage by Secret Service due to an “apparent threat.” Police swiftly detained a man — who can be seen being escorted away in this video to a chorus of boos — and there was plenty of unfounded speculation over whether he was wielding a gun. A Secret Service statement revealed how someone shouted, “Gun!” after chaos broke out during Trump’s speech, but no weapon was ever recovered.

The detained man, Austyn Crites, was handcuffed and questioned by police, who ended up letting him go. He was not in possession of a weapon, and Crites spoke to the press to explain his entire ordeal, which sounds horrifying. This photo, which was tweeted by The Guardian‘s Paul Lewis, indicates that Crites was simply holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign.

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