Azealia Banks Claims She Was Physically Battered By Coldplay’s Manager Dave Holmes Before Shooting ‘1991’

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11.30.17 7 Comments

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Azealia Banks claims that she was in an abusive relationship with Coldplay’s manager, Dave Holmes, and detailed instances of the alleged abuse in a series of Instagram posts. Banks, who has made the claims before in a now-deleted series of tweets, recounts the events leading up to the abuse in question in the third-person in the captions of several photos of herself from photo shoots and paparazzi shots from various points in her career.

“On the night before the 1991 video,” she writes, “the couple get into a heated argument about $2,000 she’d borrowed from him two weeks earlier. She grabs hold of his fancy espresso machine and pushes it on the floor, which prompts him to put her in a choking headlock. The fight gets nasty, with her throwing rocks through glass windows and him dragging her by her hair and throwing her into a freezing cold shower. During the headlock, she cuts the inside of her lip on her teeth and begins to spit blood. Her friend comes to pick her up and take her home where she cries for hours and doesn’t sleep a wink. Her world was shattered.”

The controversial rapper has made similar claims in the past; she accused actor Russell Crowe of assaulting and spitting on her during a hotel party while she was still under the tutelage of Wu-Tang producer RZA.

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