The #ThanksBilly Hashtag Is Hoping To Pressure Billy Bush Into Being A Good Person

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10.16.16 5 Comments

NBC has had a tough time trying to remove Billy Bush from their corporate masthead in recent days. After the tape of he and Donald Trump was released, it was clear that Bush was not long for NBC, but the company has spent all week attempting to fire him in the most PR friendly way. As of now, that means a deal is going to be struck for Bush to go away peacefully without making The Today Show and its parent company look any worse. A settlement between NBC and Billy Bush hasn’t been reached just yet, but rumor has it that the chunk of change going Billy’s way could be as much as $10M.

In response to that potential windfall, a new Twitter hashtag has gained traction. The #ThanksBilly campaign started out mostly as a joke, but with the added bonus of also trying to affect change. The essential goal is to make tons of people believe (or assume) that Billy Bush is planning to donate the entirety of his settlement to women’s charities. That way if he doesn’t actually end up doing it, he’ll look terrible (er, more terrible than he currently looks to the public).

While the hashtag probably won’t actually force Bush’s hand, it’s a nice idea and amusing to watch. Even some comedy bigwigs are getting in on the fun.

The creator of the hashtag did make it extra clear that no such donation has been made so far and it’s all a goof, just so nobody gets too confused. We can dream though!

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