Bobby Jindal Says Donald Trump’s Rise Signals The Death Of The Republican Establishment

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03.18.16 3 Comments
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Greets A Crowd After Taping TV Interview

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Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s had a less than stellar week, which includes mounting criticism that he left his state barreling into a recession after declining to raise taxes as spending increased and oil prices fell. He’s also mourning the loss of his endorsed candidate, Marco Rubio, to Donald Trump’s Floridian trouncing. Rubio, of course, suspended his campaign and seemed okay with the decision, despite his obvious recoil at the mere mention of a Trump GOP nomination. He’s young enough to consider aiming for a future reboot and wants to shut down the trash talk.

However, Jindal seems stuck somewhere between anger and depressed resignation. He previously blamed President Obama for Trump, but has seemingly changed his mind. Now, he’s sort of acting out how The Onion imagines Rubio, which is to say, he’s feeling gloomy over the death of the Republican establishment. Jindal now blames the party itself for “conspiring” to oust Trump and making him stronger in the process. Also, Jindal says it’s time to respect the will of the people:

“The GOP establishment is done for, and I think this race shows that. I think this idea of ignoring the will of the party — the party leaders go behind closed doors and come up with a new — it makes for a great fiction novel, but it’s exactly what’s wrong with the GOP establishment. It ignores what voters are telling them. If this wasn’t Donald Trump, if this were any other candidate, we wouldn’t be talking about this.”

Well, Trump shouldn’t look forward to receiving more support from this sad dude. Jindal won’t be endorsing anyone else, for he just wants to watch this circus until the bitter end. He considers the idea of a contested convention and possible Paul Ryan drafting as utterly “ridiculous.” As bummed out as Jindal is over Trump, he realizes how the frontrunner’s enormous fanbase is sending a clear message to the GOP, and they’ve “got to listen to them.”


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