Boris Johnson Has Been Appointed Foreign Secretary By British Prime Minister Theresa May

07.13.16 3 years ago

Getty Image

The Brexit fallout continues as new Prime Minister Theresa May takes office and begins to reshuffle her cabinet. In a stunning move, May appointed former London mayor Boris Johnson, who led the Brexit movement, as British foreign minister. Johnson was once considered the favorite to become the new prime minister, but did a quick about face.

Johnson, who has never held a cabinet position, will be in charge of handling the fallout from the country leaving the European Union and deal with relations with other countries. The appointment comes as a bit of a surprise as May and Johnson had a difficult relationship, with the prime minister even questioning his negotiating skills.

Being appointed to the foreign minister position seems a bit ironic for some, as he resigned from his mayoral position not long after Brexit. His recent clean-up-this-mess-I-made attitude has some infuriated:

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