Camille Cosby Didn’t Provide Many Answers During Her High Profile Deposition

05.22.16 3 years ago
Camille Cosby Bill Cosby 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards - Backstage

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Around 50 women have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Currently, Cosby faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania in a case involving a former Temple University employee and is embroiled in a lawsuit brought against him by several of his accusers. His wife Camille Cosby was compelled to give a deposition in this lawsuit, but she ended up refusing to answer most questions that the plaintiffs’ lawyers asked.

According to ABC News, Cosby gave her deposition on February 22 and on April 19. When a judge compelled Cosby to sit for the deposition, she said that she didn’t have to answer any question regarding private communication between her and her husband. As a result, Cosby didn’t answer a vast majority of questions, citing “marital privilege,” including questions about whether Bill Cosby “acted with a lack of integrity” in the couple’s marriage, and whether she had any knowledge of her husband manipulating young women.

It’s hard to decide whether to judge Camille Cosby or not on her support of her husband. It’s hard also not to feel for her when she has to address the possibility of her husband’s disturbing actions for PR and legal purposes. For instance, she previously — in a show of support for her husband — said that Bill’s alleged victims “consented to drugs and sex,” after he admitted in his own deposition that he provided them with quaaludes. In the April 19 deposition, she had “no opinion” when asked about whether this admission violated their marriage vows, and also declined to answer whether Bill provided her with drugs. These questions that Camille Cosby refuses to answer just reinforce how messed up this situation is.

(via ABC News)

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