China Tells The U.S. To Take A ‘Cool-Headed’ Approach When It Comes To North Korea Relations

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03.18.17 9 Comments

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The U.S. has flexed its muscles concerning North Korea recently, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson saying they wouldn’t rule out any preemptive action if North Korea continues its nuclear missile programs. But China is telling the U.S. to pump the brakes according to CNN and that a “cool-headed” diplomatic approach may be best for the situation.

Tillerson met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday to discuss a number of issues, including North Korea’s nuclear missile program. The country has been ramping up its missile tests since the start of the year and the U.S. is let down China has — as Donald Trump tweeted — done “little to help.” with the situation. China has stood by their ally, though, notifying the U.S. they could threaten an arms race if things get too hostile.

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