Chris Christie Downplays Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury On Russia: Special Counsels Feel ‘The Need To Produce’

News Editor
08.06.17 10 Comments

On Sunday morning, Chris Christie took a break from yelling at baseball fans to once again swallow the meatloaf for Team Trump. In doing so, Christie appeared on CNN’s State of the Union while attempting to convince Jake Tapper that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent grand jury impanelment in the Justice Department’s Russia investigation is no big deal.

In the above clip, Christie responded to Tapper’s question about whether it’s “fair game” for Mueller to follow the Trump campaign’s money trail while investigating possible campaign collusion with the Kremlin. In response, the much-maligned New Jersey governor suggested that Mueller could feel pressured to “produce” results to justify his position as special counsel:

“This is part of the problem with the special counsel … Special counsels, at times, historically, have felt the need to produce something in return for their appointment … in the end, though, Bob Mueller is a good man … and I trust that he’ll be very careful and not go on a fishing expedition … so far, there’s absolutely no evidence of any collusion at all between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

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