Chuck Todd Makes A Brutal Assessment Of Trump’s Attack On A Civilian Over A Nonexistent Sex Tape

09.30.16 2 years ago 9 Comments

Donald Trump’s rage over a fictional Alicia Machado sex tape is currently all the rage, so that’s what the morning talk shows are covering. During Chuck Todd’s visit to Today, he found himself fielding questions about what Trump could have possibly been thinking. Todd believes he knows.

As Todd has observed over many months, Trump tends to lash out after a bad week. And this has been a sad week by Trump standards. Hillary Clinton defeated him in the debate, and Trump may not agree, but he’s reportedly incensed at some allies who criticized his lack of preparation. Last night, USA Today (which, until now, has always avoided endorsing or doing the opposite) declared him “unfit” to be president. Todd believes Trump’s boiling over with rage at the ruiner of his week, Alicia Machado, because if she hadn’t dared to gain weight as Miss Universe, he wouldn’t have criticized her again, and now this wouldn’t be coming back to bite him in the angry butt:

“On the day that USA Today calls him unfit for the presidency, he wakes up at 3 in the morning, and starts attacking this civilian again. This is a pattern for him. When he gets into a bad place — and he is in bad place right now — there is clearly discord in the campaign, the campaign staff’s not happy with him, he’s not happy that they’ve leaked stories — so there’s some anger there. He is an unhappy man and when he is, he lashes out.”

So, Trump is upset, but he won’t act like an adult and simply resolve to do better in the next debate. Instead, he can’t stop himself from firing off 3:30 a.m. tweets like an unhinged troll who calls a woman “disgusting” while telling people to “check out [her] sex tape.” In doing so, Trump proved USA Today and all of his other critics correct. If he’s angry at a woman who displeased him by gaining weight and, somehow, ruining his first difficult debate, then how will he ever cope with the burden of presidency?

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