Cliven Bundy Lands In Jail After Attempting To Join The Oregon Standoff

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02.11.16 11 Comments
Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use Battle

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Well, well, well. On Wednesday evening, it looked like the long, bitter Oregon standoff was entering its final hours. The so-called Bundy militia had dug in their heels since early January. They endured many hardships (of their own making) while occupying a federal bird sanctuary. People called them #Vanilla ISIS and #YallQaeda, and #DaddySworeAnOath rode high, but never received a rap remix.

The vast majority of what went down in Oregon was completely ridiculous, although one member — Lavoy “Tarpman” Finicum — lost his life after reaching for a gun during an FBI arrest operation. Several members of the militia were arrested while notorious rancher Cliven Bundy talked big in the aftermath. Now, Cliven Bundy has gotten himself arrested, too.

No one really knows what Bundy wished to accomplish, but four occupants remained at the refuge. The FBI surrounded the stubborn occupiers in armored vehicles, and this was expected to be the final standoff. A livestream revealed negotiations and arguments with shouty voices blaming Obama for allowing terrorists to enter the country. None of what these dudes said made sense, but Cliven Bundy tried to come to the rescue. Oregon Live reports how Bundy touched down at Portland International Airport and was promptly arrested late Wednesday night:

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