A North Carolina Man Lands In Jail After Making A False Clown Sighting Claim

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The clown beat is one of the hottest news trends around, for countless cities across the country have reported they are suffering from the creepy clown epidemic. But it appears that a man in North Carolina was jealous that his hometown has not seen the likes of these scary clowns. There’s really no other explanation for why he landed himself in jail for fabricating a clown sighting, according to Reuters.

David Wayne Armstrong filed a report with Winston-Salem police and claimed a clown had knocked on his window. He then made up a story about chasing the supposed clown into the woods by his home. The only thing is, there was no clown, and Armstrong was making the whole thing up. Of all the things to fabricate and brag to your friends about, a clown sighting seems like an odd choice to help boost your profile.

While the clown pandemic has not entirely gripped North Carolina, clown sightings have been present in neighboring South Carolina, which is leaving officials baffled. No one has come forward to claim responsibility for these nightmare producers as of yet, and it has residents on edge.

Armstrong was arrested for filing a false police report, and Reuters reported that they had not corroborated a clown matching Armstrong’s description. As for residents trying to find the clown, police officials said they “don’t recommend that.”

(Via Reuters)

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