Cuba Gooding Jr. Remembers Fallen Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa: ‘I Cried’

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Many are still coming to terms with what happened in Dallas on Thursday night, when gunshots broke up a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest and left five police officers dead. One was Patrick Zamarripa, a Navy veteran and father that left behind a stellar record as an officer and human being. Here’s some detail behind his life from our look on the five officers lost during the tragic shooting on Thursday night:

Patrick Zamarripa, has served three tours of duty in Iraq as part of the Navy, according to the New York Daily News. He was a five-year police veteran and had a 2-year-old daughter. Zamarripa’s father, Rick, spoke of his son’s generosity in life: “If he has $1 and you needed it, he’d give it to you. He’s the type of person that would do without so you can have.”

Not only that, but it would seem that Zamrripa was an avid Twitter user. In fact, he seemed to be similar to any young user you might encounter online. Posting memes, joking about the news, sharing images of his family, and posting about meeting celebrities via his job. That’s where he got the chance to snag a photo with Cuba Gooding Jr.

And it was apparently enough for Gooding to remember following Zamarripa’s death on Thursday. Despite trying to get away from the TMZ cameraman above, the mention of the officer got Gooding to stop and give a short comment. Just a reminder of those little things that can affect us in life.

(Via TMZ / People)

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