‘The Daily Show’ Gets To The Root Of Why Donald Trump Is Trying To Appeal To Black Voters

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It’s been a busy week or so for Donald Trump, who continues to make his inexplicable and misguided plea for the black vote. After meeting with black leaders in Philadelphia last week, the Republican candidate moved onto Detroit, where he addressed a congregation at an African-American church on Sunday — to shall we say a “mixed” reception — calling for a “civil rights agenda for our time.”

This was to the delight of Trevor Noah, if for no other reason than it brought Ben Carson back into the spotlight, which allowed him to dust off his impersonation on Tuesday night’s Daily Show in a segment on Trump wooing black voters. It wasn’t until he brought Roy Wood Jr. out, however, that they really got to the root of Trump’s master plan.

First of all, Wood Jr. says that he feels bad for every member of that congregation. “You go to church every Sunday praying to God to keep Trump out of your life, only to show up one morning and see him in the pulpit! Trump is turning good church folk into atheists!”

But he says that when you get down to it, Trump’s appeal to black voters isn’t actually about the black vote at all. “That’s not why he’s there. Trump is just trying to convince white voters that he’s not racist so that they feel better for voting for him. Now these white people get to go to the polls; oh well how can the man hate black people? He went to Steve Harvey’s church!”

Given that Trump’s poll numbers among African-Americans are still hovering squarely around zero percent, you can’t say the man doesn’t have a point.

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