Don King Assures Everybody That Donald Trump Knows ‘What It’s Like To Be A Black Man’

07.15.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

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Donald Trump and Don King, the controversial boxing promoter, have been close since they teamed up to bring Mike Tyson fights to Trump’s Atlantic City casino decades ago. Knowing that it’s no surprise that King was one of Trump’s only celebrity supporters and claims to still see and speak to the President regularly, including during Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago this past year.

King recently sat down with Politico for an interview about how he thinks his buddy is doing and about their relationship. It’s filled with the sort of turns of phrase and soundbites that made King famous. When asked how he thinks he’s doing, King sounds a lot like his buddy, saying that the media is not focused on his actual job performance, but rather investigations about Russian interference in the election:

“He’s doing an excellent job, but it’s hard to evaluate because they don’t talk about nothing but Russia. … For over a year, without a shred of evidence — and this is what resonates with the lumpen proletariat and the common people. They’ve been hearing from these ingenious organizations of the world — the CIA, the FBI. … Everybody is saying all these things, these brilliant minds … but ain’t nobody come up with no evidence.”

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