Don Lemon’s Eyebrows Do Gymnastics As One CNN Contributor Makes Trump’s ‘Nice Smile’ Comments Even Worse

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06.29.17 3 Comments

Earlier this week, President Trump casually broke away during a phone call with another world leader to compliment the “nice smile” of an Irish reporter, who went on to comment upon the “bizarre” moment. Some folks felt that the president’s aside evoked memories of all of the sexist things he’s said about women while others thought this was at least better than those older statements. So, Don Lemon devoted a full nine-minute panel — which is insane, but this is 2017 — to the moment.

Now, 3 out of 4 of these people — that would be Lemon, commentator Alice Stewart, and Matt Lewis (of the Daily Beast — all felt that Trump’s remark was nothing to fuss about. However, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona was outraged and continued to rail for the entire segment while the others alternately laughed and told her to stop overreacting. And at around 2:50, Lemon’s eyebrows danced right off his face after Cardona insisted, “He hasn’t called out male journalists and told them they have a cute butt.”

Of course, that is a true statement (Trump would never say such a thing), but Cardona was not deterred by anyone saying that there are bigger Trump-related issues to protest. If you can handle the whole clip, the final moments deliver a fine payoff. “You are the president of the United States and talking to a woman journalist from another country,” Cardona said, aghast. “And calling her out because she has a nice smile. Why can’t he call her out because of the great piece she had written last week?”

To which Stewart pointed out, “If he said she had a great piece, that would be a story.” Lemon dissolved into laughter. The end.

(Via CNN)

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