Donald Trump Is Reportedly Considering Sarah Palin To Head The Department Of Veterans Affairs

11.30.16 2 years ago 8 Comments

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Donald Trump’s still busily filling up his cabinet. His recent selections haven’t included high-profile names, but it’s time to make up for lost time with a big one. According to both a Trump transition official and a Sarah Palin aide, the former running mate of John McCain is under consideration for the Head of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Palin, who once insinuated that Obama was responsible for Track Palin’s domestic abuse (she tied it to PTSD), is said to be a top contender for the position.

This is good time to crack a bad (and easy) joke about Palin possibly being more appropriate as an ambassador to Russia. However, Palin was one of Trump’s most consistent endorsers and recently claimed that God mandated a Trump victory through “divine providence.” Some folks thought she’d be up for VP. That didn’t happen, but perhaps the VA spot will be a reward for loyalty. In addition to ABC News’ sources, it appears that Palin’s newest Facebook video may be an audition of sorts:

Palin’s son-in-law and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer posted a SarahPAC video to his Facebook page earlier this week, with excerpts from a speech she gave that heavily focuses on her work with veterans and her connection to the community. Her eldest son, Track Palin, served in Iraq in 2008. The video, which is not new, seems to clearly show her interest in the position, and in he speech she hits the VA “bureaucracy,” saying it is “killing our vets.”

The speech includes Sarah Palin’s ideas on reforming the VA, including improved health care, using military skills to return to the workforce and securing their benefits. The speech also includes a criticism of Barack Obama.

“Stop blaming the victim and wake up, Mr. President,” she says. “While Christians bow our heads to pray for you, radical Islamists want to cut off your head. The only thing standing between us and savages, it’s the red white and blue, it’s the United States military. And if you love freedom, thank a vet. Thank them. Honor them.”

Heading up the VA would carry enormous responsibility, of course. It’s the biggest government agency, which arrives with a 2017 budget of $182 billion and 300,000 federal employees. Could this really be happening? You betcha. Trump’s reportedly also considering Palin for energy secretary, which may be why she recently Facebooked about that subject too: “Drill, Baby Drill!”

Whatever happens, Palin shall somehow be handsomely rewarded for coining this catchphrase: “Right wingin,’ bitter clingin,’ proud clingers of our guns, our god, and our religions, and our Constitution.” Let’s do this again for old times’ sake.

(Via ABC News & The Independent)

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