Donald Trump Insists His Campaign Should Not Have Taken Down His Controversial Star Of David Tweet

07.06.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

Getty Image / Donald Trump

Over Independence Day weekend, Donald Trump tweeted a photo of Hillary Clinton that mistakenly used a graphic that looked like the Star of David. Controversy erupted, while various Founding Fathers rolled over in their graves. Trump deleted the tweet, but now says he regrets nothing, saying that he’s a victim of—wait for it—racial profiling.

According to the Huffington Post, Trump says the star signified nothing but a star. In fact, it could’ve been a sheriff’s star, for all we know.

“CNN started this dialogue, going: ‘It is the Star of David, and because it is the Star of David, Donald Trump has racist …’ These people are sick. I’m telling you,” he said. “They’re racially profiling, not us.”

He also apparently told his campaign staff that they shouldn’t have taken down the original tweet, ostensibly because it fed into this “manufactured” controversy. And yes, Trump brought up his daughter’s husband, Jared Kushner, in denying that he’s anti-Semitic.

But enough of that. Trump is in Ohio currently, announcing important additions to the Republican National Convention and to his government, should he be elected president. First of all, Don King is going to speak at the RNC, for an extremely loaded reason:

Trump also brings up Mike Tyson, another “winner” to Trump no doubt.

He also says that Newt Gingrich will be in his government:

See—Trump respects women! He’ll let Newt Gingrich’s wife decide if he’ll have a role in Trump’s government.

Last but not least, Trump has a controversial stance on mosquitoes:

Namely, that he hates them. This might be the most relatable thing Donald Trump has ever said.

(Via Huffington Post)

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