Donald Trump May Have Tweeted His Most Incomprehensible Hillary Clinton Insult Yet

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Donald Trump’s main form of communication is Twitter. Even though there has been talk that his team is seizing control of his account lately, Trump still uses Twitter as a direct line to his supporters. Or, at least, a direct line to using his supporters as a mouthpiece for his opinions.

This morning, Trump put out this tweet:

At first blush, it appears that someone else formatted a tweet in Trump’s style, which would confirm the idea that Trump may not be in control of his own Twitter account. But something that drastic — a complete Trump surrender of his social media — cannot be the case. After all, it was pure Trump when his account used the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin as an attempt to recruit black voters (with a later correction and condolences likely coming from his team).

But the above tweet is strange, even by Trump standards. It’s formatted to seem like a Trump retweet, with the quote marks and the username in the opening. And it gets better, once you hunt down the actual tweet Trump is sharing. If you dig into the account of Twitter user PMNOrlando, you’ll find the actual tweet and why, precisely, it was edited. What happened here? Is toilet humor really too much for Trump that he needed to redact it?

However Trump’s retweet happened, one thing is clear — it makes no sense. Granted, one doubts that PMNOrlando, whoever he or she may happen to be, is hurt to have his tweet cleaned up. Still, it’s worth noting there’s something odd going on with Trump’s Twitter account. At the very least, he tweeted his strangest insult of Clinton yet.

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