Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle: Trump Called Me This Morning For Advice On The Paris Agreement And Other Policy Stuff

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06.02.17 11 Comments

Kimberly Guilfoyle made some boastful statements during a segment from Thursday’s The Five on Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate Agreement. According to the Fox News personality, the president reportedly called her on Thursday morning to discuss the Paris deal before his announcement later in the day, calling the decision a “brave and courageous” act for the president. Guilfoyle’s co-hosts seemed stunned by the revelation, including Greg Gutfield who said she “buried the lede” with the news and wanted to know why the president called her:

GUTFELD: Why did he call you?

GUILFOYLE: Climate change, taxes. The Five.

It’s certainly not the oddest thing to come out of the Trump presidency to this point, but it does add fuel to the rumors that Guilfoyle could be joining the administration very soon. It also adds another chapter to the love story between Fox News and Trump, almost turning the network into a media arm of his administration at some points.

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