Authorities Believe The Gunman In A Philly Rampage May Have Been Motivated By Hatred Towards Police

09.17.16 2 years ago 8 Comments

After a late-night Friday shooting rampage in West Philadelphia, authorities located evidence that leads them to believe the gunman was motivated by a hatred of cops. ABC reports how a gunman shot six people, two of those being police officers, one of whom was ambushed in her vehicle. The officers, both veterans, remain hospitalized. The Daily Pennsylvanian reveals that Sgt. Ed Miller has served 33 years on the force (and wasn’t scheduled to work on Friday evening but had picked up a special assignment). A civilian woman — one of the four apparently random victims — has died.

USA Today publishes more details, including how the gunman ambushed Sgt. Sylvia Young as she sat in her vehicle. He wordlessly shot her eight times at point-blank range, and she survived by virtue of her protective vest. CNN reveals that the deceased victim, a 25-year-old woman, was shot seven times in her torso. Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. says there are more questions than answers right now: “This is completely a bizarre situation.”

NBC News reports that authorities discovered a note, which expresses hatred towards cops, near the scene. Although police have not revealed any further details, they’re viewing this writing as a possible motive for why the gunman attacked two cops and discharged his weapon into a nearby bar. As the incident unfolded, the man reportedly used one female patron as a human shield before police shot him dead.

The Philadelphia Police Department spoke out on Twitter to thank the public for their support during this senseless attack.

(Via ABC News, USA Today, Daily Philadelphian & CNN)

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