Hey Taco Bell, Where’s The Beef?

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01.26.11 2 Comments

An Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell over accusations that the pseudo-Mexican fast food chain is not living up to government standards with its meat. Lawyers contend that the Bell’s “beef” is actually less than 35% actual beef. They allege that, among other ingredients, corn and oats make up the bulk, which, while not completely terrible for your health, is dishonest and you should really expect integrity from the company that gives you a taco in 10 seconds. But Taco Bell reps are saying the charges are bogus and they plan to counter sue for damages to the company’s pristine reputation. I plan on suing, too, unless Taco Bell agrees to bring back the Volcano Taco. That thing is F-ing delicious.

Meanwhile, things are also getting sticky for the world’s fast food leader, McDonald’s, as the company will be raising prices this year. The reason for this unexpected inconvenience is that the ingredients used for your favorite McFoods are also going up in price. The price changes will be seen more throughout Europe than in the U.S., but the food chain’s leadership doesn’t want to upset too many people so it will be carefully choosing which products will get the increase. And I’m no psychic, but I think that’s bad news for fans of the Lobster McNuggets.

But while two giants deal with problems, one fast food empire is reaping the benefits. In a Rasmussen Poll of 1,000 American consumers, more than 61 percent admitted that Wendy’s is their preferred fast food restaurant. To be fair, that group said that they were “somewhat favorable” to Wendy’s over McDonald’s and Burger King. Only 16 percent said that they were very favorable of the girl with the red hair making their burgers. Burger King led the way with an unfavorable rating of 42 percent, but they can’t complain because they’re the ones who tell us to have it our way.


  • Lawyers suing Taco Bell because there’s nothing else to do. (WFTV Orlando)
  • McDonald’s announces price increase in 2011. So long, $1 menu. (Yahoo!)
  • Wendy’s leads the fast food biz, according to Rasmussen poll. (QSR Web)



  • Oh Japan, your craziness knows no bounds. Polluting smokestacks and oil refineries have become incredibly popular tourist destinations in Japan, creating a new stir in the country’s economy. Hell, if that impresses them, I’ll charge ‘em $5 each to check out the broken exhaust on my Jeep. (Wall Street Journal)
  • While Groupon made major news for turning down Google’s $6 billion offer, the Internet giant isn’t exactly just letting the online discount site walk away quietly. Google is currently headhunting “outreach specialists” to establish the foundation for a direct competitor. This can’t end pretty. (Bloomberg)



  • In 2006, McDonald’s blew away the fast food competition with more than $21 billion in sales worldwide. To put that in perspective, the next three companies combined to just barely top that amount, with Yum! Brands finishing in second place with only $9.6 billion. (Sweet Additions)
  • The 2010 CARDIA Study revealed that people who eat fast food two or more times per week were gaining at least 10 pounds more than those who eat out only once per week. Also affecting the weight difference were smoking, drinking and less exercising, also known as the average day in Wisconsin. (Health Tree)


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