Howard Stern Reminds The World How Trump Has ‘Always’ Been A ‘Sexist’

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Howard Stern still won’t release the tapes of his numerous interviews with Donald Trump, as he doesn’t want to “betray” his friend and frequent guest. However, the radio shock jock — whose show has become a source for salacious quotes uttered by the Republican nominee — did address the New York real estate mogul’s past transgressions and present behavior. In fact, Stern even went so far as to suggest Trump has always been a sexist. He also stresses how the fact that the nomination was made by the Republican Party despite the evidence was more newsworthy than said sexism.

According to CNN, Stern began discussing Trump’s character when a caller asked him about his ties to the media mogul turned politician. “None of this was hidden,” said the host:

“This is who Trump is. He was always bombastic. He always rated women. He always talked in a misogynistic, sexist kind of way, but he did it sort of proudly and out in the open and he still won the Republican primary. In one sense, the fact that we do an interview and people’s personalities come out, I’m very proud of that.”

Stern’s pride came not only from his minor humble-brag about his skills as an interviewer, but from major television, print and online news outlets “[turning] to our tapes because it’s a real conversation.”

“As far as my role goes, I feel proud in the sense that, I don’t think anybody else does an interview the way this show does. Because everyone, when they interview, is sort of afraid to talk like real people. Now those words are biting him in the ass, but in general, we have a different kind of interviewing process than any other place.”

Personal and public ties to Trump notwithstanding, Stern maintained his allegiance to Hillary Clinton — and not just because he really wants to interview her.

Check out the clip from The Howard Stern Show below:

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