Hurricane Hermine Hasn’t Even Made Landfall Yet And There Are Already Fish Swimming Through The Streets

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First off, and this is very important, the hurricane forming on the Gulf Coast right now and heading straight for Florida is named Hurricane Hermine. The hurricane is not named after everyone’s favorite Harry Potter smarty pants, nor is said talented witch about to wreak weather-based havoc on the Sunshine State. This will be a good thing to know over the upcoming long weekend as the hurricane being referenced is prepared to do her best to mess up a lot of East Coasters’ long weekends.

The name Hermine can either come from Greek roots, in which it means “to travel,” or German roots, in which case it would mean “soldier” or a similar variant. Well, this storm isn’t a soldier of destruction quite yet but it sure is traveling. Right now, it’s still a got its sights set on Florida’s panhandle based on recent radar reports and is the first hurricane in over a decade to make landfall in the state (shout out to Hurricane Wilma).

Any significant damage is at least a day or so away (and hopefully ends up not even happening) and there is a chance that the storm will either calm down a bit or change direction slightly before it hits Florida with all of its current powers. But for now, the storm is being monitored incredibly closely and is already affecting Florida in some very strange ways. Based on an Instagram post from Ginger Zee, a Florida-based meteorologist, Hermine is bringing some wildlife to the roads of St. Marks City that doesn’t necessarily belong there.

Yes, there are fish literally swimming through the streets in St. Marks City, Fla. The ABC meteorologist posted the crazy evidence of fish out of their (usual) habitats earlier on Thursday and from the track of the storm things might only get weirder in this part of the state. Located South of Tallahassee on the Florida panhandle, St. Mark’s City is situated soundly in the expected landfall swath of the storm. Even if Hermine doesn’t end up rolling through Florida on a tropical war path, this is a creepy enough side effect that Hermine has made her mark in our minds. Tons of rain is enough to ruin a holiday weekend, there doesn’t also need to be some plague-like activity from nearby fish for a storm to be memorable.

(Via Instagram/@ginger_zee)

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