These Juggalos Tried to Cut And Burn Their Roommate’s Tattoo Off Because He Hadn’t ‘Earned It’

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08.10.14 15 Comments
Insane Clown Posse backstage in Chicago

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Here’s an update to that lovely story from last week about those two suspected Juggalos who were charged with attempted murder after mutilating their roommate by attempting to forcibly and violently cut and then burn his tattoo off. Not only did the poor guy have to have his arm amputated due to the damage caused from the assault — but Juggalism was, in fact, involved, and the two men tried to remove the tattoo because the victim hadn’t “earned the right” to wear it. Right.

From CBS Detriot (not where the incident occurred, incredibly):

According to police, 33-year-old Paul Martin Hurst and 35-year-old Carey Lee Edwards savagely beat Swanson, then tried to unsuccessfully carve the tattoo from his arm. When that didn’t work, the duo allegedly doused Swanson’s arm with flammable liquid and set him on fire.

Swanson was left on the floor for several hours before he was finally discovered and rushed to a hospital. He was then flown to a burn unit in Baltimore.

The suspects apparently thought Swanson disrespected the Detroit-based rap-metal duo and didn’t deserve the tattoo. Police have described the victim’s tattoo as being “consistent” with symbols used by the group.

So that’s a pretty good reason to set your roommate on fire, I guess. I’m not even going to attempt to understand the logic of people who are willing to maim another human in the name of white rappers who dress up like mean clowns — so I’ll just say that these numbnuts are going to be sh*t out of luck when they find out prison commissary doesn’t carry face paint.

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